Hou Chun Chun Visual Design Experiment Creation Solo Exhibition


Dadun Gallery (VII), Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center

臺中市大墩文化中心 大墩藝廊 (七)

2022/9/24 (Sat)- 10/12 (Wed)



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展覽簡介 Introduction


Everything exists in this world will definitely leave traces of existence, and how to interpret such traces depends on the individual’s point of view. This exhibition consists of four themes, “Artistic Conception”, “State of Mind”, “Situation”, and “Object Realm”. Through daily microcosm, we create imprints of personal artistic viewpoints. In the often overlooked small traces, through visual projection of gaze and transformation, the principle of accidental shape shows the creator’s understanding of life and daily imagination. However, there is another most important element in this exhibition site, which is the ‘viewer’. Through different viewing angles or the reflection of personal experience, the viewer will watch as the environment changes according to one’s heart.


This experimental creation of visual design is transition from figurative to abstract, and then from abstract to figurative interpretation. A series of seemingly abstract works, through the mental understanding and interaction between the viewer and the creator and then through the viewer’s different life experiences and background knowledge, produce various interpretations.

In addition to the unique presentation of image visuals, this exhibition is completed with the ‘Salt Crystal Method’. By using the materials that are readily available in daily life with a highly experimental method, including temperature control, changes in the concentration of salt water, and the use of different pots (such as non-stick pans, iron pots, round pots, square pots, etc.).


After having the imprint, through projection, realm, and transformation, it will bring different viewers to different interpretations from different perspectives. Please enter the creator’s imagination journey together.


展期:2022/9/24(Sat)-10/12(Wed) 09:00~21:00 (週一休館,Closed on Mondays)

地點:臺中市大墩文化中心 大墩藝廊 (七)

Place:Dadun Gallery (VII), Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center

403411臺中市西區英才路600號 (+886-4-23727311)

No.600, Yingcai Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)